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Their are plenty of art decoration in “Vigie Sist cafe”. The wall painting is one of it. It let the customer feel the charm of northern Thailand in the creative way. The wall painting told many story to the watcher. It is a peace of mind for everyone who tired from their long adventure.

Wall Painting

Precious Moment


A word on the unusual name: ‘Vigie Sist cafe’ might sound like something highly unpleasant you’ve picked up from falling in a Bangkok canal but actually refers to the owners’ star signs; it’s run by two sisters who happen to be both Virgo and we have it on good authority that Vigie is a Thai corruption of the horoscope sign.

Now while it’s a piano/coffee bar, no regular in-house pianist tinkles the ivories, so anyone who fancies a turn can go ahead themselves.

Asst Prof. Yupalapat, she worked for Faculty of Medicine as a Clinical Pathologist. After retired she start to run her own cafe named “Vigie Sist cafe”.

“For your health, we care”.

The everyday life of people in northern of Thailand 
has been told in a wall painting work. 
It is one of the feature in our cafe.
Welcome  dance
Loy Krathong
Songran festival
Old thai northern lifestyle

Chiang Mai has loads of cafes, the local brew is excellent, the accompanying bakeries are good and nearly all come with free WiFi and pleasant seating areas. But when we came come across this interesting variation on a coffee shop theme the other day — a piano bar coffee shop — we thought it was worth writing home about; it’s probably the cutest looking coffee shop we’ve come across in a while.

                                                         from travelfish

Plenty more than coffee is on the menu, including beers and a few cocktails to help get the creative juices flowing, or shakes and juices if you play better when sober. To eat you can select from the usual default bakery section of brownies, blue berry cheesecake and so on as well as sandwiches, some local-style light lunches such as fried rice and all day Western-style breakfasts, all at very reasonable prices.

I love the way it is :)
Coffees are delicious.. .
I play piano w/my friends.
Relaxing, on the weekend

Yaowalak, The younger sister of Asst Prof. Yupalapat.  She is the nutritionist in Chiang Mai Hospital. All order in “Vigie Sist cafe” has been create and test to make sure that it pass the hygiene practice and yummy !!


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